''For darkness shows the stars''


people need to realize that there are days when you’re not in the mood to talk or interact with anyone.


"Hey can I look at your phone?"
“Yeah let me just finish this text.”
*deletes 200 selfies*

Anonymous asked: I think i have a crush on tumblr


is it me

Reblog if you are insecure about anything below:





-intelligence (or lack of) 

-skills (or lack of) 

-weird hobbies

-friends (or lack of) 




Who ever reblogs this will get a message in their inbox.

all of em


how do people murder people when i cant even ask workers in stores for help without getting nervous


its a great show from the gifs i’ve seen of it


I would sit on my roof with you at 1 am and talk about the lives we dream of.

"There are a few things in life so beautiful they hurt: swimming in the ocean while it rains, reading alone in empty libraries, the sea of stars that appear when you’re miles away from the neon lights of the city, bars after 2am, walking in the wilderness, all the phases of the moon, the things we do not know about the universe, and you."

Beau Taplin || and you. (via koreyan)

"Before something great happens, everything falls apart. Just hold on long enough to get through the smoke screen."

— Keith Sweat (via ohlovequotes)


bitch the fuck you mean “nevermind” i paused my music for you


I want to enjoy life
But I’m walking a straight line
I want to read
But I don’t
I’m listening to music
But I’m not
I have friends
But I don’t
I want to care
But I don’t
I want to be listened
But I don’t want to talk
You look at me
But you don’t see me
I don’t want to waste time
But I want to sleep
I want to get up
But only my body does
I’m soaked in gasoline
But I have no matches
I’d take the match
But I’d rather take the hand
Because I’m here
But I’m not


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We’re both only 17,
and we have so much time
to make mistakes.
So kiss me like you’ve
never known anybody else’s
lips and let me know that
I’m doing at least something

all the tv characters i loveone tree hill → Peyton Sawyer 

"You know I’ve got this theory, there are two kinds of people in the world. There are lyric people and music people. You know, the lyrics people tend to be analytical. You know, all about the meaning of the song. They’re the ones you see with the CD insert out like 5 minutes after buying it, pouring over the lyrics, interpreting the hell out of everything. Um, then there’s the music people, like Brooke. Who could care less for the lyrics as long as its just got like a good beat and you could dance to it. I don’t know, sometimes it might be easier to be a music girl and not a lyric girl. But since I’m not, let me just say this. Sometimes things find you when you need them to find you, I believe that."